Potential Partners FAQs

Potential Partners FAQs

What is Team USA?

Team USA Mortgage is a multi state mortgage broker company offering employment opportunities for serious mortgage professionals. Everything we work for is based on our motto of honesty, integrity and transparency both with our clients and mortgage partners.

Our Mission
  • Providing the highest pay in the industry
  • Fortune 500 type benefits package
  • Freedom to choose the best vendors and lenders for your customers
  • Be the most transparent and honest mortgage company
Team USA Mortgage Advantage
  • True Broker
  • High Pay
  • Best in class benefits
  • Payroll on demand
  • Multiple state licensing
  • Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA and non-QM loans

Is Team USA Right For Me?

Team USA’s platform is not for everyone.  Team USA seeks to attract self motivated, high quality, productive branch managers and loan officers.  If you have these qualities we should be a great fit.

What will Team USA do for me?

For the last 19 years Team USA has supported its branch managers and loan Officers by performing all business processes.  No more worries about compliance, quality control, NMLS reports, payroll, health care, benefits, accounting, expenses, human resources, lender applications. we do it all for you!

Can I be 1099’d for my compensation?

No. All Team USA personnel are considered W-2 employees. All applicable federal, state and local withholdings apply. Payroll is done monthly with draws on demand.

As a branch manager, how do I pay bills?

Generally, you will submit the branch bills to the corporate office for direct vendor payment. As an alternative, you may pay certain branch bills and submit receipts to corporate accounting for reimbursement.

Will I be audited for compliance?

Yes, the quality of the branch loan files and branch compliance with regulations and company policy will be reviewed by our Risk Mitigation and Compliance Department on a regular basis. In this way, Team USA can assist the branches in achieving a high level of quality and compliance.

As a branch manager, how do I hire employees?

Your Regional Manager will assist you in the hiring process. After the Branch Manager is approved, employment application documents need to be signed and sent to the corporate office. All hires must be approved by Human Resources before beginning employment.

How do I get started?

Click Here to begin the process, or call Bryan Root at (877) 996-9998.

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